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What our parents are saying

“Dear Prospective Parents:
I am one of those moms who will google and research every single thing before making a decision and it is also something I did even more vigorously when looking for a preschool for my child. I had looked and toured so many places with fancy gadgets and classes that were extremely overpriced looking for the best for my baby. I was so disappointed with so many things because it was important for me that my child was not going to a place that was only focused on learning but a place where he would also have fun and have loving teachers. These young years are so important and it is essential that kids that young get a bit of it all. My sister had recommended this school to me and 3 of her 4 children went here so I decided to take a tour. The moment I came in and met the teachers where my young one was going to be every day, I had complete peace. The staff is wonderful and there is not one person I can complain about. I expected quality and have always received that and more. If you are hesitating on a place for your most valued treasure in the world, I would truthfully say to look no further. I have been happy here since day one and have recommended this school to many people and will continue to do so!”

- Sarah C.

“When I brought my firstborn Anthony to Ocoee Oaks I was skeptical due to the fact that he had been mistreated at a similar establishment prior. Within the first week the people taking care of him became extended family to us. The staff genuinely cares about the children and take their education very seriously. I now have my 2nd son Domenico at Ocoee Oaks and he gets excited every time we go. This place made it much easier being a full time working mom and I am grateful to be a part of them.
Thank you for all you do”

- Christina Donofrio